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Sino-German Round Table Seminar is held in Tongji University

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  Sino-German Round Table Seminar with the theme of “Shortcomings of traditional civil litigation in China and Germany: do economic disputes need a different approach such as arbitration or mediation?” is held in Tongji Law school in 23th October.

    This seminar is organized by by Tongji Law School Humboldt University and Konstanz University and Tongji University. Ms. Theresia Bauer, Minister of Science, Economy and Arts of Baden-Wuerttemberg, and her following staffs, Prof. Astrid Stadler of Law School, Konstanz University, Prof. Jochen Glöckner of Law School, Konstanz University, Prof. Franz Steinle, President of Stuttgart High Court, WANG Weijun, Vice Secretary general of Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Mr LIU Bingrong, senior judge of Fujian People’s High Court, Mr. LIU dali, copartner of Junhe law firm, Dr. GAO xujun, Professor of Law School/CDHK, Tongji University, are the speakers of this round table seminar.

    This seminar is chaired by Prof. Reinhard Singer, Law School, Humboldt University, Berlin. All the Speakers have an extensive and in-depth discussion on the topics of “Loopholes of the National Justice”, “Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolutions on National and International Economic Trade”, “Resolutions and Mediations on the Disputes of Customers’ Protection: the comparison of the mediation mechanism among China, Germany and Europe ”, “TTIP”, and “Application on Court Meditation”. Such discussion has deepened the understanding between the Chinese and German scholars and businessmen.

    Cheng deli,  Deputy dean of Law School, Tongji University, Prof. SONG xiaoting, deputy Dean of Law School, Tongji University, Associate Prof. YU xinmiao of Law School, Tongji University, assistant Prof. XIE Yan, WANG qian, ZHAO Shouzheng, YANG Dake of Law School, Tongji University and other more than sixty people from the business and law related area have taken an active part in the discussion.