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Module Course in 2016: German Civil Law Guideline (German)

Posted at:2016-04-08  Views:0

On the invitation of Tongji University, Professor Axel Metzger from Humboldt University of Berlin gave lecture “German Civil Law Guideline” to Tongji Law Student between April 5th-8th, the specific arrangements are as follows:
April 5th: 08.30-11.30 & 13.30-17.00
April 6th: 18.30-21.00
April 7th: 08.30-11.30
April 8th: 08.30-11.30

P.S: Professor Gloeckner from Konstanz University will give module course on German Obligation Guideline in May to Tongji Law student. You will be notified when the venue is set.