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Sino-German International Economic Law Institute

Sino-German International Economic Law Institute was founded in October 16, 2013 by Tongji Law School and CDHK, Tongji University. Professor Gao Xujun serves as director of the Institute and associate professor Yu Xinmiao as deputy director of the Institute. The institute boasts important partners like Law Schools of Humboldt University and Konstanz University, DAAD and other organizations. At present, the Institute has 20 researchers, with 6 full-time researchers, and 11 foreign adjunct researchers, and 3 domestic researchers. All full-time researchers have got doctor degree from German universities with research directions involving in German and European economic law and other fields.

Sino-German International Economic Law Institute is dedicated to following tasks:

First, Talent Cultivation: the Institute takes responsibility of organization and operation of Sino- German dual master degree program, working together with German partner universities to cultivate legal talents mastering Sino-German Economic Law, Sino-European Economic Law and International Economic Law as well as legal culture and international convention. Based on this, the Institute is further devoted to cultivating dual-doctor students with German partner universities.
Second, Academic Research: the Institute plays emphasis on the research on the hot topics in international economic law, international intellectual property law, international business law, international environmental law.

Third, Pushing Forward International Exchange and Cooperation: the Institute will organize international academic forum regularly to conduct academic exchange on interesting hot problems with foreign and domestic counterparts.

Fourth, Regular Works Publication: the Institute will publish the research achievements regularly and translate a serial of German classic legal works for Chinese readers.

Fifth,Legal Consultation: the Institute will provide relevant legal consultation service for Chinese enterprise, German enterprises or European Union Enterprises.
Professor Gao Xujun, Director of the Institute extends warm welcome to the experts in German law, EU law and international economic law to join with the institute, and welcome is also extended to excellent students in the university to choose the institute for your further study. All the advice and suggestion from all walks of life for the development of the Institute are warmly welcome.