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Tongji University Law School Held 2017 Annual Meeting of EU Law Association of Shanghai Law Society Successfully

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Tongji University Law School Held2017 Annual Meeting of EU Law Association of Shanghai Law SocietySuccessfully

With the support of Shanghai LawSociety and Tongji university, at 9am on 21th May 2017 Annual Meetingof EU Law Association was held in Zonghe builiding of Tongjiuniversity, and the theme of the annual meeting was China-EU Tradeand Lae Forum Within the Framework of the Belt and Road. More than 70scholars and students attended the communication and discussion,including over 30 Chinese and foreign experts, scholars and lawyers.

(TheParty secretary of Law School in Tongji University Pro. Wu Weiminhosted the opening ceremony )

(Thevice-president of Tongji University Pro. Jiang Bo made speech in theopening ceremony)

(Thevice-president of East China of political science and law Pro. LinYanping wished a complete success of the conference)

The first part was openingceremony. Mr. Wu Weimin, secretary of the party committee of Tongjiuniversity law school presided over the opening ceremony. Pro.JiangBo, vice-principle of Tongji university, Pro.Lin Yanping, chairman ofEU Law association of Shanghai Law Society, and Pro.Zhao Haifeng,vice-chairman of EU law association of Chinese association forEuropean studies(CAES) successively gave speech in the openingceremony. They all affirmed the importance of the theme of thismeeting, because since general secretary Mr.Xi Jinping the first timeput forward the Belt and Road Initiatives in 2013 this initiativeshas been an important motivation for further economic reform and anew opportunity for deep development of China-EU trade. On 14th-15thMay, 2017 china just hold the Belt and Road International CooperationForum in Beijing, about 1500 representatives from more than 130countries and 70 international organizations took part in this forum,and after two-day discussion over 270 results had been achieved. Itindicates that the Belt and Road Initiatives had entered intoimplementation phase. As a significant international economic entitythe EU is our important cooperative partner, as well one importantstation in Eurasia road of the Belt and Road. A successful implementof the Belt and Road Initiatives in the EU will be very beneficialfor the whole process. Therefore, these three experts all consideredthis theme very ripe and significant, and they hoped to discusssufficiently with other experts about the implement of the Belt andRoad Initiatives in EU, and to offer valuable suggestions about lawand policy to our government.

(Thevice director of justice bureau in Pudong new district made a speechin conference)

(Pro.Gao Xujun from the Law school of TongjI university made a report inthe conference )

(Theattendants discussed lively about the topic and contents of theconference)

After opening ceremony Pro. ZhaoHaifeng and Pro. Gao Xujun from Tongji university both gave speeches,and the themes respectively are The Trade Policy Connection BetweenChina and the EU Within the Framework of the Belt and RoadInitiatives, and the Belt and Road Initiatives and Its Integration inChina-EU Investment and Trade Agreements. In the speech of Pro. Zhaohe introduced the background, main content and significance of theBelt and Road Initiatives, and expounded the main content of JunkerInvestment Plan in EU trade framework, he also discussed possibilityof connection between our the Belt and Road Initiatives and EU tradeframework and other related questions. Pro. Gao Xujun regarded theBelt and Road Initiatives as a huge benefit to sustainabledevelopment of economy in China, as well as closer trade cooperationwith the EU, and the key point is to implement. Since this initiativeis offered only by China, the key to implement it in the EU is to getthe recognition from the EU. The best solution for that is to writethe core content of this initiative into China-EU BilateralInvestment Agreement, which is still in negotiation, and China-EUFree Trade Agreement in the future. In his speech Pro.Gao proved thenecessity and possibility of the combination by comparison betweenthe content of the Belt and Road Initiatives and China-EU economy andtrade agreements.

(DoctorPröstlerfrom CMS (HK) Law firm made a report during the conference)

In the second session threeexperts gave their excellent speeches around Investment Risk andArbitration. Mr.Huang Wen, Secretary-General of ShanghaiInternational Arbitration Center, chose the Finance and Trade RiskPrevention and Dispute Resolution Involving the EU as his topic. AndDr.Pröstlerfrom Hongkong CMS Law Firm gave a speech named Investment Protectionand the EU. In addition, Pro.Chen Li from Fudan University law schooldiscussed Jurisdiction of Foreign(EU) Arbitration Institution Overthe Case Seated in Mainland China. All three experts analyzed legalquestions which involved in arbitration for Investment Risk fromdifferent point of view.

(Theattendants have a cordial conversation with each other in the break)

During the first session ofdiscussion in afternoon, Dr.Zhang Jiao and Dr. Li Na from East ChinaUniversity of Political Science and Law, Mr.Tao Lifeng from ShanghaiUniversity of International Business and Economics, Miss Wang Qianfrom Tongji University all gave speeches around Investment Risk andDispute Settlement. These four speeches were in touch andcomplementary with each other. During the second session ofdiscussion Pro.Song Xixiang from Shanghai University of InternationalBusiness and Economics, Pro.Zhang Shengcui from Shanghai Universityof Finance anf Economics and Dr.Genea, deputy director of Institutefor Sino-German Economic Law, all gave speeches around the same themeas the first session. For the discussion in the last session, Mr.XiaHaibin from East China University of Political Science and Law andPro.Liu Chunyan from Tongji University both discussed around Oceanand Finance.

(Mr.Jiang Bo and Mr. Wu Weimin exchanged their opinions in depth)

The speeches of experts arousedinterests of all, they raised their questions one after another, anddiscussed on them. The meeting was finished at 5pm, after one daylong speech and discussion all attender agreed on that we mustregulate rights and obligations of related party and confirm the corecontent of the Belt and Road Initiatives by means of bilateral ormultilateral agreement. This is not only demand of the implement ofthe Belt and Road Initiatives in the EU or in other areas but alsodemand of the protection for Chinese enterprises, which investsoverseas. They hoped that Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Ministryof Foreign Affairs could promote this process.

(Allthe attendants took a group photo to mark the occasion in front ofZonghe Building)

Shanghai Law Society is on the forefront ofjurisprudence, the members pay close attention to national strategyand hold academical seminars regularly, to offer advice to theimplement of national strategy. In this annual meeting the expertsoffered not only papers with high quality but also excellentsuggestions. During this annual meeting Tongji University also held110th anniversary, this meeting enlivened the atmosphere, and addedsplendor to the 110th anniversary.