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Pro. Zhao Haifeng from National Judges College gave a lecture

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Writer: Han Liang, postgraduate of International law in Tongji University

Translator: Li Zihan , postgraduate of International law in Tongji University

Onthe afternoon of 20thMay, a lecture was held by the institute of European law in Shanghaiand institute of Sino-German economic law in Tongji university. Thetheme of this lecture was the construction of the Belt and RoadInitiative and the Mission of People’s Court. Miss Wang Qian,associate professor in law school of Tongji university, officiatedthis lecture, and Pro. Zhao Haifeng from National Judges College wasthe keynote speaker. Professors and students from our university andpart of alumni, who came back to campus for anniversary of thefounding of Tongji university, attended this lecture.

MissWang introducing Pro. Zhao to audience

Firstof allMissWang introduced to everyone the academic experience and researchresults of Pro. Zhao. Pro. Zhao has been working in the SupremeJudicial Court for many years, and now teaching in National JudgeCollege. He used to be as one of the drafters of Judges Law of thePeople’s Republic of China . Pro. Zhao has abundant theory andpractical experience.

Studentslistening lecture

Pro.Zhao expressed thanks for the invitation by Pro. Gao Xujun from lawschool of Tongji university, and was honored to communicate withprofessors and students from Tongji university. Meanwhile hecongratulated on our 110th anniversary, expressing admire for oureducational characteristics and achievement during these years.

Pro.Zhaointroducing the achievement of judicial reform

  Thislecture contained three parts. Firstly, Pro. Zhao gave a briefintroduction on the background of the idea of the Belt and RoadInitiatives, and guided audience to form an general understanding ofthe content of the Belt and Road Initiatives, combining the newest research - data. Facing with the background of Rule by law, theimplement of the Belt and Road Initiatives can not be separated fromlegalization. Therefore, in this process judicial guarantee plays animportant role, and we must attach enough importance to the influenceof the Belt and Road Initiatives on law. Secondly, Pro.Zhao analyzedjudicial function and requirement in the Belt and Road Initiativesfrom different sides, introduced us the special status of theautonomy of will in judicial experience concerning foreign affairs orforeign nationals. He emphasized that implement of national strategyand judicial reform should be combined as an integration, andcombining with judicial practice he analyzed a series questions likeselective applications and arbitration examination under New YorkConvention. Thirdly, Pro. Zhao offered opinions on how to establishthe public trust from outside for People’s court by judicialreform, and later showed the achievement of People’s court injudicial construction and legal constructions in recent years.

MissWang discussing with Pro. Zhao

InQATime Miss Wang discussed with Pro. Zhao about the related questionsand gave comment on this lecture. Students also raised theirquestions, and Pro. Zhao answered questions quite patiently later.

enthusiasticapplause in the end

  Thelecture finished at a enthusiastic and harmonious atmosphere. Throughthis lecture all the audience got a more profound expression on thefunctions of People’s court in the Belt and Road Initiatives, andunderstood more details about Chinese judicial practice.